Super 16mm 2.3K scanning

super 16mm

Super 16mm gate

We designed a super 16mm gate with a company based in Wellington. High precision milling insures maximum accuracy of frame registration and minimum interaction between the film and the transport mechanism which is paramount for over 2 K scanning.

CAD gate super 16mm
General 3D view of the super 16mm gate
Detail of our super16 gate
super 16mm
Super 16 mm pressure plates

Result : a perfectly smooth and reliable film path with minimum shear strain on the film, a perfectly flat frame in the gate and a double pin registration.

How it does benefit you : your film is safer with us, the scanning is steady, the final rendering is just better.

Check out the video in our 16mm portfolio page (film courtesy of New Zealand Natural History) :

Super 16mm is not a format to take lightly. Some productions have been using it and it has been used for major film release. Refer to “Leaving Las Vegas” was released in the USA on February 9, 1996, receiving strong praise from both critics and audiences.