Our services cover ULTRA HD cine films scanning as well as slide & negatives for 35 mm


Why is it better and what can we do for you?

Films have a very high optical resolution. It is way better than a standard format video. A Standard 8 from the 50s in good condition can easily be scanned for HD display. The real difficulty is to extract all the information of every single frame.

To reach details of about 5 microns (size of a blood cell) we use dedicated lenses and super high resolution CCD sensors. It does translate into a measured scanning resolution from 2500 up to 4000 dpi depending on your film format.

Why settle for DVDs when better technology is within reach without compromise ?

DVDs are a thing of the past. They were designed for TVs prior to flat screens at a resolution way below our scans. Without getting too much into details, DVDs are now what VHS tapes were to DVDs. Time to move on with AVCHD / MP4 files and the the now very promising H265 codec.


Film transfer PRICING

Tayloring your needs

Price starts at NZ$25 incl. GSt for every 50 ft of 8mm for DVDs. If colour correction is required it will be charged on top. Best is to contact us and describe your reels, we will be able to give you a rough estimate. Even better if you can bring your reels to us, a free assessment will be done.


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transfer film to dvd or blurayHigh resolution Film Scanning

Film, video and photo scanning service


improve an restore film colorFilm restoration

Film care and restoration service


transfer film to dvd or blurayFilm Archiving & duplication

Choose your archive support and make copies of your memories


35 mm Kodachrome slide scanSlides & negative scanning

We scan your slides and negative to digital format




8mm to 35mm Film Transfer Services
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