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35mm Slides and Negatives Scanning

We use professional high definition  non flat bed scanners (Nikon) to convert your slides and negative to digital format.

About film negative scanning

Proper results can be achieved only by using a backlight. Flat bed scanners don’t have one, they are designed for documents or prints.

negative 35mm
Kodak Gold 100 ASA 2015


The term Digital ICE initially applied specifically to a proprietary technology developed by Kodak’s Austin Development Center, formerly Applied Science Fiction (ASF), that automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from scanned images.

The ICE technology uses a scanner with a pair of light sources, a normal RGB lamp and an infrared (IR) lamp, and scans twice, once with each lamp. The IR lamp detects the dust locations and then inpainting is applied based on this data afterwards. The general concept is to subtract the position of scratches and dust from the RGB image.

IT8.7/1 Calibration

Each film type has its own characteristic and IT8.7/1 target calibration is required to have a proper color balance:



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Slide and Negative scanning
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