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Super 8, Digital 8, Hi8, DV to digital format…

Duplicating your treasured family films into a digital medium will keep them safe for years to come, allowing you to easily share these memories with future generations.

home movie duplication service Wellington

Even from the 50s; films are so detailed they can be displayed in HD.

At Filmtransfer we can provide you with Enhanced High Definition Scanning to truly bring out all the detail and colour in your film.

With our technology we can create a far superior image to the original film!

You can trust Film Transfer to give your home movie transfer the care it deserves and preserve it in the best quality possible so it can be enjoyed for generations.


Film Transfer Video Services can transfer :

8mm film
16mm film
9.5mm film
Super 8mm, Super 8mm Sound
VHS & VHS-C transfer, Hi8, Digital 8

Need a great gift idea? Home Movies on DVD are wonderful gifts for your family members. And it is a nice way to preserve family history.

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