At Filmtransfer we can provide you with Enhanced High Resolution Film Scanning to bring out all the details and colours of your film.


HD Film Scanning - Film transfer to digital
With our film scanning technology we can create a far superior image than the original film!

  • High definition frame scanning up to 4000 dpi
  • Scratch and stains remover
  • Image and Color Restoration
  • Wider Dynamic range
  • 48 bits linear scan


You can trust Film Transfer to give your home movie transfer the care it deserves to preserve your memories with the best quality possible and to enjoy them for generations.

We can convert film to any digital format in standard or high definition with high resolution

From Super 8 and regular 8mm film scanning to 9.5 and 16mm film conversion, we can handle most of your film format.

Choose the delivery format from full quality computer files to light web optimized format.

Our in house technology give us the possibility to handle shrunk or damaged film.

What Type of film We can convert :


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Learn more about Film scanning and conversion

From the 1930 to modern days films

Real-time scanning was required in the old days when the only viable image “pipe” was a real-time video channel. In those days, everything had to be sacrificed for speed. As a result, telecines generated real-time video at the expense of noisy and highly unstable images (all telecines are edge-guided which causes extensive weaving).

With the advent of the Digital Intermediate (DI) process, the low quality output of the telecines was replaced with the dramatically higher quality output of DI scanners.  These scanners do not need to output real-time video.  Instead, they generate data files.  As a result, these scanners can take the time to generate significantly superior images that are very low-noise and extremely stable.

Our scanners typically work between 9 and 15 frames per second. The reason for this non-real-time scanning speed is simply this: resolution, definition, dynamic range, safety in a word : QUALITY.


super 16 film scanning
Super 16 frame, Kodak Negative. Courstesy of Natural History New Zealand


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